Easy Hacks for Healthy Houseplants

Did you know that a few kitchen ingredients like tea and mayonnaise can assist in keeping your houseplants healthy?

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However, they aren’t the only things you would love to have around your home – you need to take care of your houseplants too. Just like you would need bio-pesticides from DKBCrop in your fields, to have proper crop protection, houseplants need care too.

The Top Hacks to Help You

These easy hacks can help you get healthier houseplants. Should you look for affordable crop protection techniques for your fields too, go for the the professional services of DKBCrop.co.uk, and you can go no wrong. They are all about following the best agricultural practices to achieve profitability and improve the crop yields.

Not just this, but they do it with the utmost respect for the environment and biodiversity to ensure that they leave the fruits of their labor for the future generations to come.

Give appropriate light to your plants.

< Placing your houseplants in windows that face the south would stand you in good stead when it comes to providing sufficient sunlight for your houseplants. Some plants that have bright-colored foliage require significantly more sunlight than the others as they have a tendency of bending toward the light automatically. Hence, always ensure that you place your houseplants at a site in your house that receives the maximum amount of sunlight.

Feed your ferns adequately.

There many houseplants that absolutely love acidic beverages. So try substituting water with some brewed tea to nurture the soil and give your plants a luxurious and lush look.

Talk to your plants.

It might seem odd, but it has logic attached to it. It is a great way to boost the gas exchange cycle of plants due to the carbon dioxide released from the breath. Also, if you read to them or talk to them in natural light, it’s evident that they are receiving sufficient sunlight too.

Make good use of the leftover egg water or club soda.

Club soda contains minerals that are a source of great nutrition to houseplants and helps them grow. It is recommended to feed them soda at least once a week. Likewise, the cool egg water also provides hydration and nourishment to houseplants.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t have a green thumb, do not worry because these easy and unexpected tips and hacks are sure to make your house full of plants that bloom and grow for years to come.  And for your fields, you can always trust the proper crop protection products – like bio-pesticides.